Submitted 2014-09-12 12:40:19
<xt>postgresql har vel alt mongo har
<Ixan>mangler en strøm av mac hipstere som roper webscale og next-gen databases
<falxx>mangler mongo-delen
Submitted 2014-05-17 13:48:20
<kvitrevik>ingridjl: jeg kan putte deg i en bag og ha dg under bordet. Mate deg grillfest og øl.
<ingridjl>kvitrevik: JA! doit.
Submitted 2014-05-15 20:45:03
<RastaJew>when a girl says she has no new nude pics and you ask for her old ones dont say "the older the better"
Submitted 2014-05-15 20:43:54
<RaZ>I should burn my windows ME CD
<Thrawn>no piracy
<RaZ>I mean BURN it
Submitted 2014-05-17 13:51:07
<martin_>1) Ta LSD 2) Start $EDITOR 3) ??? 4) Profit
Submitted 2014-05-17 21:29:23
<si-m1>why do all web developers use mac and textpad
<si-m1>and make blogs
<si-m1>or guestbooks
<dinosys>because blogger and mac users overlap in the area of gayness
Submitted 2014-05-21 09:25:47
<falxx>når er egentlig neste store produktlansering fra dissa her mobilfolka? s5 og z2 kom i april, blir det ikke "flaggskip" igjen før neste år da?
<Eleccy>bare dampskip
Submitted 2016-05-02 14:33:41
<Erik>is enjoying the bank holiday
<Erik>by writing rust
<trilobite17>I thought rust had been written already.
Submitted 2014-05-17 21:15:12
<dinosys>just promised i would get a small server working first with samba shares and an svn for the programming
<dinosys>so can already write 3 hours worked!
<xt`>svn is out, git is in
<dinosys>we will be working from windows/mac, everyone already has experience with svn
<xt`>dinosys: that's like saying masturbation is better than anal, because everyone already has experience with it
<dinosys>masturbation is better than anal because i won't have to go around showing everyone how it works
<dinosys>good fucking analogy
<xt`>good reply
Submitted 2016-02-10 13:27:45
<|Netti|>vaskeklut: hvem er skumlere enn Hufsa?