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Submitted 2015-12-11 13:52:26
<Neffi>I don't understand all the complaints about Jason
<Neffi>I mean, most of the shit out there is even more awful
<Neffi>haven't we gotten used to everything being just terrible?
Submitted 2014-07-04 10:33:44
<xt>rather wish Go success over Node, though
<rjek>I wish Cthulu success over Node.
Submitted 2016-04-25 15:07:27
<ttmrichter>PHP is a brilliant language. You know when dealing with someone who likes it that they're incompetents who cannot be trusted with a keyboard.
<ttmrichter>It's one of the best developer filters ever created.
<ttmrichter>PHP is the English of programming languages.
<ttmrichter>It's a broken mess and if the only language you speak is that one, you're probably an inbred idiot. :D
<>ttmrichter counts down to the outrage.
Submitted 2014-05-21 21:03:00
<SoniEx2>what if I do local huge = math.huge?
<q66>then you've localized your mom
<q66>which is not too hard to do :P
<SoniEx2>q66, shut up, bitch