Submitted 2014-05-17 13:01:20
<dinosys>doing stuff like this in bash is more fun though
<dinosys>as no one else i work with understand any of that stuff at all
<dinosys>more +respects for me
<xtff>dinosys: if they have respect for you, imagine how they would feel about me
<xtff>awwwww yeahhhh
<dinosys>yeah man
<dinosys>you would be a god among men here
<xtff>not just there
<Eleccy>hey hey hey, what has been said about feeding egos
<dinosys>walked into that one
<Ixan>Eleccy: ssssshh, we're trying to see if we get an integer rollover error
<xtff>OM NOM NOM
<xtff>Ixan: my ego can't be stored as integer
<Ixan>maybe he turns into an emokid at -32000 egopoints
<xtff>what do you mean "turns into" :)
<N`Grath>xtff: your ego can't be stored in an integer because it's irrational